The apprentice outstrips the master!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

People always said,
"Ilmu yang ada, jangan kedekut. Sebab lagi banyak kita memberi, lebih banyak yang akan kita peroleh."

 So, hari ni saya nak kongsikan sesuatu buat semua. Terutamanya buat my ex-japanese classmate a.k.a my coursemate, Hehehe.. dan juga buat my best-best friend yang nun jauh di selatan..eheh.. Juga buat teman-teman yang saya rindui dan sayangi.. Hehehe..

Moga apa yang saya nak kongsikan ini memberi manfaat buat kita..
To master the secret of academics

Gambar hiasan semata-mata

Secret, rahsia. Apa pun namanya ini, ada tiga peringkat
Psstt: kami dapat masa attend kelas Research Methodology. And this is secret given by one of my Japanese Professor here.. Nice kan?

In JAPAN, there are three stages for marshal arts:
(Kendo, Judo, Karate, Aikido, Kyudo and etc)

First stage known as (Syu)
Follow teacher's instruction single-mindedly
- Learn the fundamentals(the basics) from teacher

second stage known as (ha)
Break teacher's shell and make a leap forward
- Further study on the more wide standpoint

third stage known as (ri)
Open up a new original field
- Exhibit one's potential freely a will!

Proverb said:
<The apprentice outstrips the master!>

All the best to all my dear friends~