Microsoft Word : Learning Process

Saturday, April 11, 2015

While writing, day dreaming and finishing my thesis (and still writing and polishing the document), i've learned a lot of thing about Microsoft Word that might be some of us don't even know to what extend MW can do for us.

Some people are starting using LATEX to finish up their writing, but as for me, i'm still comfortable to use Microsoft Word. From before, till now. 

In microsoft word, it would be much easiest for us if we know:

+ HOW to write all document in one file. Dr.OT call this as OFOT, which stand for One File One Thesis. 

In simple word, if you were asked to submit a softcopy of your full thesis or full documents, it is not encourage to send the file in separate Document. Such as Introduction in one document, Methodology on the other document and so on. but, it is much easier if you put them all in one document where we call OFOT. 

How to do this?
Heading is the best solution. Heading I, Heading 2, Heading 3 and sometimes up to Heading 4. By using Heading, it can help you to auto-generate the page number on Table of Contents. Much easier isn't it?

Once you've done with heading, don't forget to use the Navigation panel. As it will help you to jump from one section to another without having to scroll your documents up and down. Especially when your document already reach 100 pages!

HOW to link Figure and table into the text. So that, whenever you add or reduce the figure, it will automatically change the number of Figure in your text too.

Most of people always do a silly mistake of not changing their number of figure in the text. or should i say, they forgot to change it!

How to do this?
By using cross-reference located near to insert caption in reference tab. Go and try figure it out!

Once you learn to do this trick, it will help you a lots in such a way to manage your documents. 

+ HOW to manipulate the page break. Aha. Why do we need to manipulate the page break? Or, do we ever need to use page break?

Practically, page break help you a lot. It help you to separate between one chapter to another, so that you don't have to keep pressing the ENTER button just to enable you to the next page. You can also use page break to make a landscape page between portrait page.

Formal Education are not enough. So, enjoy using the Microsoft words! Like i'm "enjoying" writing my own thesis. (-_____-)"