Saturday, November 19, 2016

Kata-kata mencerminkan siapa kita
Dipengaruhi akal mahupun hati
Berdasarkan rasionalisasi atau emosi

Kata-kata mampu mengubah suasana
Disulami bahasa yang indah, tona suara yang merendahkan 
Dan emosi yang bijak dikawal
Menjadikan kita sentiasa dihormati walau sejauh mana kaki melangkah

Yang diiringi nada yang tinggi, tutur kata yang beremosi dan intipati yang negatif
Pasti membawa kepada perbualan yang beremosi

Kita manusia
Diberi akal untuk berfikir
Diberi mata untuk melihat
Diberi telinga untuk mendengar
Dan diberi bibir untuk bersuara dan berkata-kata

Tapi, sejauh mana kita berfikir sebelum berkata-kata?
Melihat dan menganalisis keadaan sebelum melontarkan bicara?
Mendengar dan mempertimbangkan segala saranan dan nasihat sebelum meluahkan pendapat?

Tepuk dada, tanya suara kecil yang didampingi akal yang rasional
Salahkah apa yang diperkatakan orang sekeliling?
Betulkah segala tindakan dan kata-kata yang kita lontarkan?
Manusia tidak sempurna
Tapi, kesempurnaan boleh dicari
Kekurangan boleh dibaiki

Letak emosi ke tepi
Guna telinga untuk mendengar tanpa emosi menguasai diri
Guna hati untuk menilai tanpa amarah menguasai akal yang sedar
Berpijak di bumi yang nyata

Kata-kata yang indah
Tanpa ada nista dan seranah
Impaknya mengkagumkan
Bukan sahaja pada manusia yang mendengar
Juga pada sekalian makhluk yang ada di bumi Allah.

It's not an option

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Keep going

My Time

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

No matter what they gonna say
At the end of the day
Even though the world wont believe in me
I still believe

No matter what I'm gonna face
It won't go to waste
I rather take the fall
Than losing it all

Endless nights fighting all alone 
For this dream of mine
To be known

This is the time
I've been waiting all my life
This is the time
For all my dreams to come alive
This is my time

And the road ahead
Is where I belong
And I won't turn back
Cause I'll be strong
I'm gonna move on

This is the time
I've been waiting all my life
This is the time
For all my dreams to come alive
This is my time

Dr. Soo Wincci

Day 4 : My Self

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Few years ago
During my first oversea trips with coursemate.

And I'm still the same as I used to be.
No physical changes despite the time changes

Day 3 : Blue

Friday, September 9, 2016

The sky is blue
The sea is blue
And the weather was soooo nice

it's autumn trip to Hong Kong.

Day 2 : Wild Flower

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Sorry. Skip yesterday photo challenge.
Got something to do the whole day.
So, we continue today. On Day 2 with Wild Flower Theme.

Bird of Paradise

One of the beautiful exotic flowers found at Cameron Highland.
"The unusually beautiful shape and brilliant colors of Birds of Paradise have made these flowers not just a designer's favorite, but also a popular symbol of paradise"

Day 1 : Sunset

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Challenge my self to do a self-made photo challenge.
The rule:

Upload 1 photo per day with different theme. 
And for Day 1, it's SUNSET

This photo was taken two years ago.
Location : Mount Zao

The Ice monster.
Going up to the view deck on top of the mountain with beautiful sky blue, just to watch the sun set on winter. 
More photo on Ice Monster (Junyo) taken by me during my trip in 2014, do visit here:

VIVA Voce - Checked

Sunday, April 24, 2016


Syukur dengan Izin DIA, akhirnya...
I did it!

After soooooo many years struggle with something that beyond my current knowledge.
I start my research study with zero knowledge on fMRI analysis, neuroscience and neuroimaging.

I did learned a little about MRI. But not fMRI. I did learned about the concept or the physics behind MRI function but not on time-series image analysis.

I told myself. I have to do this.
Nope. I need to do this. And I started this long journey...
Not to be a fantasy story..
I did give up. I did thinking of drop out from the course..
I did mentioned to my friends about quit from this little "crazy" things..

Until... I was recommended by one of the Japanese Sensei to do some lab attachment at Japan.
I pack my luggage together with my material and my research proposal with high expectation that I get and gain something from this attachment. On the time I fly to Japan, it was my final year. I'm already in the fifth semester!

Yes! And I'm still confusing on what should I do or what should be my focus of study! 
A month before going home, my laptop broken and I didn't do any back up. No storage online or etc. Fiu~ Going home with only hardcopy. In the meantime, second stage of analysis need to be done. Dumbfounded! Restless! GIVE UP

Rasa nak menangis. All the hardwork and analysis, gone.
But it really happened.

I Want to do It
How Do I do it?
I'll Try to do it
I can do it
I will do it

and finally

Yes, I did it!

I've been on all stages.

I re-started my data analysis. Since it's already end of semester six, I need to write a thesis. I need to submit the thesis notification. In other word, I need to completing my study, by hook or by crook. Buttttt... I didn't finish the data analysis yet! In fact, I need to re-do it! Kill two birds at a time. That all I can do. 
Within a year, I re-analyse the data while writing my thesis. Submitting the notice and run with the time..

And Alhamdulillah.. End of January 2016, I've submitted my thesis. 
On April 2016, I've defend my work and reached the final line.

Thanks Sensei for helping me finalize my focus of study.
Thanks Dr., for giving me my own time and of course, for trusting me till the end.
Thanks Mak and Abah. For all the supports you give me. And of course, thanks for the money I used to pay my tuition fee (One and 1/2 years on own finance)

And now, its time for thesis correction and submit the final copy for senate meeting.
And all the best for my push factor, Sis Azlin Ahmad.
Tomorrow (25.4.2016) - my dad's birthday. And its your day to defend your work. I wish you all the  best. And I believe, you can do it! And you can pass!

And a very big thank you for being a great push factor to me!
I owe you a lots.
Dr. Sara

p/s: Siapkan correction cepat! To be officially awarded!!

Tahniah Jiran!

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Jiran depan bilik saya masa zaman Universiti dulu dah selamat bersalin!
Eh, dua-dua pula tu!

Tapi, baby siti-chan dah 9 bulan.

Tahniah Mimito!
Dah selamat melahirkan seorang baby gurl yang super cute. 
Ecah (baby siti-chan) dah ada kawan~

Oh! Ada rakan blogger yang kenal Mimito dengan blog Kerana Lily.
Selepas 3 minggu 3 hari berkampung dekat Hospital Selayang, akhirnya dia dah discharge semalam kot. Hahaha.. ada juga kotnya..

Tahniah Mimi-chan! 
Dah jadi ibu dah.
Selamat berpantang!
Ada rezeki, acik Sara g tengok baby ok!

Happy Postcrossing!

Friday, February 12, 2016


Your card made it to the destination.

First card arrived at Russia. Just can't believe that my postcard made it way to Russia! (^___^)

And another postcard to Russia.

About 45 days to reach Netherlands

And this missing postcard. Where have you been Postcard? Should I send a new one to you?

Less than a month to reach Russia! It getting faster though.

And more to Russia. Fiu~
Postcrossing team always give me an address far away to Russia. Can't believe it. But its wonderful knowing that your postcard made it all the way to Russia. I wish to send to other countries too. 

So in total, the distance sent has reached 45, 482km!
More than my KM in my car! Hiu hiu hiu..
And I getting addicted with postcrossing.

Currently I already received three postcard from Official postcrossing. Hopping for more postcard to reach my mailbox. 

Will update the incoming postcard later. Got to go. Have a letter to finish up and journals to be complete. Wish me luck guys!


Friday, January 8, 2016

Finally your card made it all the way to Russia!

The card have travel 5,762km in 36 days! Well, i should say in 30days since I've send the postcard a little bit late than the one shows in the system. 

At first, its quite a risk to start this activity since we don't know to whom we send our postcard. But I just go with the flow. Hoping that this will be the best platform for me to send and received some postcard from all over the world. And of course, to brush up my english. I rarely used English in my daily life despite continuing my study. English for me is all about journals and research. Other than that, i prefer Malays. 

But, after submitting a journal to the publisher, got rejected and received a comment on how terrible my English was, I'm a little bit dejected. I think my English is good. Even not too fluent but at least in the intermediate level. And that make me come across to this community. Despite living in different part of the world, language is not the barrier since we used English to make us connected.

I hope to send and receive more postcards, letters and even some stamp from other countries! And I'm still looking for a snailmail, postcrosser and stamp exchange friends. Feel free to email me if you are interested to be my penpals or my new friends. =D

Sara, please be more consistent in your new and upgrading hobby. And I hope you find a lot of new friends. InsyaALLAH.