Happy Postcrossing!

Friday, February 12, 2016


Your card made it to the destination.

First card arrived at Russia. Just can't believe that my postcard made it way to Russia! (^___^)

And another postcard to Russia.

About 45 days to reach Netherlands

And this missing postcard. Where have you been Postcard? Should I send a new one to you?

Less than a month to reach Russia! It getting faster though.

And more to Russia. Fiu~
Postcrossing team always give me an address far away to Russia. Can't believe it. But its wonderful knowing that your postcard made it all the way to Russia. I wish to send to other countries too. 

So in total, the distance sent has reached 45, 482km!
More than my KM in my car! Hiu hiu hiu..
And I getting addicted with postcrossing.

Currently I already received three postcard from Official postcrossing. Hopping for more postcard to reach my mailbox. 

Will update the incoming postcard later. Got to go. Have a letter to finish up and journals to be complete. Wish me luck guys!