Friday, January 8, 2016

Finally your card made it all the way to Russia!

The card have travel 5,762km in 36 days! Well, i should say in 30days since I've send the postcard a little bit late than the one shows in the system. 

At first, its quite a risk to start this activity since we don't know to whom we send our postcard. But I just go with the flow. Hoping that this will be the best platform for me to send and received some postcard from all over the world. And of course, to brush up my english. I rarely used English in my daily life despite continuing my study. English for me is all about journals and research. Other than that, i prefer Malays. 

But, after submitting a journal to the publisher, got rejected and received a comment on how terrible my English was, I'm a little bit dejected. I think my English is good. Even not too fluent but at least in the intermediate level. And that make me come across to this community. Despite living in different part of the world, language is not the barrier since we used English to make us connected.

I hope to send and receive more postcards, letters and even some stamp from other countries! And I'm still looking for a snailmail, postcrosser and stamp exchange friends. Feel free to email me if you are interested to be my penpals or my new friends. =D

Sara, please be more consistent in your new and upgrading hobby. And I hope you find a lot of new friends. InsyaALLAH.  

Upgrading My hobby

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Ohayou~ Good morning everyone. Since it's already midnight, I guess it's already morning! (^_^)

For the past few weeks, I've disconnected with my Samsung SII since the USB cable was broken and the phone won't be charging. Despite sending it for repairing, I just let myself disconnected with the technology for a while. And guess what? I've discovered my old stamp books! Yes, I used to write a lot of letters and receiving some from pen pals around Malaysia. But, due to the technology and things get easier, we stop sending letter to one another. 

Until recently, I've found out that POS Malaysia has been issuing various of stamp collection every years! And it's been a while! No wonder, the pattern have change! And the most interesting part, they also come out with first day cover (known as FDC). Such a wonderful discovery at the end of the year! Well, I guess at least for myself. 

So, for the beginning. I started joining the postcrossing community (it's wonderful that I've found the website!). And my first 5 postcards have been sent to the postcrossers for the past 20days. And I don't know where it is, right now. But I hope it will safely arrived to them. Most of them are at Russia.

And here are the latest stamp issued by POS MALAYSIA.

Malaysian Public Transport (Trains In Sabah) 

Beautiful isn't it? And of course, different from previous. I bought the FDC, stamps and Miniature sheet. And the funny part, I even bought those three stamps and put them on empty envelop, write my own address and stamp the postmark and put the envelop into the box! In other word, i send an empty envelop to my own address!  Funny isn't it? 

Oh Gosh! I'm having a problem to transfer all the photos i've taken on my first complete FDC. I guess it would be my starting point to start collecting stamps and FDC as seriously as possible. And I wish to get new pen pals that can help me brush my english and of course to read all my babbling!

Got to go! Gonna continue writing after transferring all the photo! Well, I also want to "show off" my collections! and of course my first FDC in the life! Ahaks.


Puncak Gunung Jerai

Friday, December 25, 2015

Discover Kedah 2016

11km dari kaki gunung menuju ke puncak merupakan perjalanan yang cukup mencabar. Terdapat beberapa selekoh tajam yang memerlukan pemandu kenderaan membunyikan hon bagi memaklumkan kehadiran mereka di situ.

Namun, keindahan yang dapat disaksikan dari puncak gunung ini merupakan sesuatu yang sukar ditafsirkan dengan kata-kata. 

Inilah Gunung Jerai. Salah satu daya tarikan dan kebanggaan rakyat negeri Kedah. Puncak Gunung Jerai ini terletak kira-kira 45km dari pusat bandar Alor Setar. Dari kaki gunung menuju ke puncak, mengambil masa kira-kira 30minit pemanduan. 

Kedah merupakan Negeri Jelapang Padi. Jadi, tak hairanlah kalau panorama yang anda lihat dipenuhi dengan sawah padi.

Cumanya, kalau boleh diusulkan cadangan, chek nak cadangkan agar dibuat satu platform khas yang membolehkan pelawat dan pelancong mengambil gambar dengan berlatar belakangkan jelapan padi kedah itu. 

may be something like this?
An open observatory deck.
Here at Gunung Jerai.

or this one

A floating garden.
For you to enjoy the view till the max! =D

I wish..
and I hope~

Full Moon on Christmas Eve

Bulan penuh berlaku setiap 29.53 hari.
Tetapi, bulan penuh yang berlaku pada hari-hari istimewa seperti hari jadi anda atau hari krismas adalah jarang-jarang sekali. 
Dan hari ini adalah tanggal 13 rabiulawal 1437H mengikut Kalendar Islam.
Bersamaan dengan 25 Disember 2015

Setting kamera cheSara untuk snap gambar bulan penuh. Gigih. Kata orang kampung.
Tapi, CheSara rasa kena pi beli lensa 70-300mm. Baru boleh zoom bulan dekat-dekat.

Dan selepas 38tahun, tahun 2015 menyaksikan kejadian bulan penuh pada hari Krismas.
Menurut NASA, kejadian bulan penuh pada hari Krismas hanya akan berlaku pada tahun 2034. 19 tahun lagi. 

Mungkin lepas ni, kena selalu tengok bulan penuh. Manalah tahu, bulan penuh tu berlaku pada hari-hari istimewa anda! =D

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