It's been a while

Wednesday, December 9, 2015


It's been a while...
Tetiba rasa rindu nak berceloteh dalam blog sendiri. Nak membebel itu dan ini.
Soalan standard, apa progress kamu?

Tenggelam dengan ribuan aksara dalam thesis. Dibantu pula dengan motivasi yang kadang-kadang di atas dan kadang-kadang dibawah.
Ada momen, kita rasa macam I can do this. I can finish them.
Tapi, ada juga momen yang kita rasa macam.......
What the hell am I doing now??
Boleh lulus tak ni?
Should I send it to the SPS?
Or should I add a little more?
And this drag your time. 
From a week, into a month. 
And suddenly, the positive vibe come to you and yell,
"Finish it up! What are you waiting for? You have done everything you could. You are the master of your research. What the heck are you waiting for?
Write up! Submit it! Go for the Viva! "
And another phase in your life are waiting for you.

It would be nice if this positive vibe always be with me. Yes. It will be nice.

What should I do, for me to trust myself more than I trust others.