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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Ohayou~ Good morning everyone. Since it's already midnight, I guess it's already morning! (^_^)

For the past few weeks, I've disconnected with my Samsung SII since the USB cable was broken and the phone won't be charging. Despite sending it for repairing, I just let myself disconnected with the technology for a while. And guess what? I've discovered my old stamp books! Yes, I used to write a lot of letters and receiving some from pen pals around Malaysia. But, due to the technology and things get easier, we stop sending letter to one another. 

Until recently, I've found out that POS Malaysia has been issuing various of stamp collection every years! And it's been a while! No wonder, the pattern have change! And the most interesting part, they also come out with first day cover (known as FDC). Such a wonderful discovery at the end of the year! Well, I guess at least for myself. 

So, for the beginning. I started joining the postcrossing community (it's wonderful that I've found the website!). And my first 5 postcards have been sent to the postcrossers for the past 20days. And I don't know where it is, right now. But I hope it will safely arrived to them. Most of them are at Russia.

And here are the latest stamp issued by POS MALAYSIA.

Malaysian Public Transport (Trains In Sabah) 

Beautiful isn't it? And of course, different from previous. I bought the FDC, stamps and Miniature sheet. And the funny part, I even bought those three stamps and put them on empty envelop, write my own address and stamp the postmark and put the envelop into the box! In other word, i send an empty envelop to my own address!  Funny isn't it? 

Oh Gosh! I'm having a problem to transfer all the photos i've taken on my first complete FDC. I guess it would be my starting point to start collecting stamps and FDC as seriously as possible. And I wish to get new pen pals that can help me brush my english and of course to read all my babbling!

Got to go! Gonna continue writing after transferring all the photo! Well, I also want to "show off" my collections! and of course my first FDC in the life! Ahaks.



LZ - The Blog Owner said...

Welcome to the group Cik Sara..
My postcards collection : lovemyhappymail.blogspot.com

Helmi said...

Hey! Thanks for the comment in my blog. :) Yeah sure we can make a little letter swap and put some nice stamps on the envelope :D At the moment I'm visiting my hometown and I don't have any stationery/stamps/etc here, but we could make the swap a little later, if it's okay. Please contact me through my email (helmisletterbox@gmail.com), so we can change addresses and talk more!

tiga lalat said...

salam cik sara, teribe je dtg blog wak tuuh., hehe2 cik kak lenny pon ade sini erk., baguih2 we share common hobby nih., kipidap dongibap

tiga lalat said...

aisehh naper x pos fdc to kat umah wak? nnti wak bagi alamat yee., hehe2

HasnulYakin Mohammed said...


Nur Fannun said...

wah cantiknya setem gmbr ketapi..agak-agak bulan ni masih jual lg tak?