Dropbox - An Online Backup

Thursday, August 5, 2010


Hye guys!!! ok, this time nak share something ngan semua.. Especially wif kengkawan yang dah pun berada di final year dan sedang dalam proses untuk membuat FYP. Final Year Project. tapi, bagi yang belum nak buat FYP pun boleh je nak download mende alah ni...

Ok..nama software ni, DROPBOX. mesti ramai yang nak tahu apa sebenarnya dropbox tu kan? Actually, dropbox ni adalah sebuah website dan juga software yang akan synchronize folder and file dalam laptop kita secara online and across our laptop.

Mean that, even if something happen to your laptop or PC at the crucial time, you still have the online backup. Ramai yang tak realized tentang ini.. Even me sendiri pun baru je tahu. My supervisor yang told me about that. nak guna software ni, it doesn't mean you need to get connected with the internet for 24hours but to install the software inside your laptop or PC you need the internet connection. Its compulsory! But dont worry, if at the time you installed the dropbox into your PC and you get disconnected, it will automaticly continue installing when you get connected back. 

Software ni tak susah pun nak apply. It will help you a lot. Katalah you need to go somewhere else which required you to be there and at the same time you need to finish your work, thus you dont have to bring any hardisk or pendrive. but just drop all your document into the dropbox and get connecting to the internet. After that, whenever you go, you can still updated your report or thesis using others PC or laptop. Easy eh?

Lagi pula, dropbox ni will always sync your files. katalah you need to readjust the report. and once you click the "save" button, it will sync the same file to your dropbox account.

for starting, dropbox akan bagi kita 2GB free space. for me, its larger enough for my FYP. and by inviting your friends to join this software, you can get 250MB for each new registration. So, what are you waiting for? before your laptop make a problem or getting burn, why not you do the backup first.. Besides, Its for free!!

** All image was taken from dropbox website..