Just a hobby : Quilling

Thursday, February 14, 2013

I love crafting..
Everything involve the use of your hand and being creative, i just love it!.
Before this, i've explore different type of crafting such as origami, knitting and not to forget, crochet!

I've learned those from blog, webpage, youtube and others social media. I explored those skilled by myself. I even buy the tools! But that's all only for satisfying my interest.
And now, i try to explore quilling skills. And i've found out, this skills are justttt tooo amazing! Just imagine, you get something beautiful by only using colorful paper and glue!

Besides doing my phd research, i also do some research in quilling skills! Ya! That's true. I've done the same things for all the skills i learned. Learned from observations! That's how i learned while doing crafting. And guess what?
This is the result!

Malaysian flower quill. I found the tutorial from Malaysia's crafter. Beautiful isn't it?

Ramai yang tanya, tak nak jual ke? Buat bisnes. And my answer will be no.
Because, nak buat bisnes, kena bagi high comitment. Tak bolehlah kejap on, kejap off. Right? And this handmade, saya buat bila my brain need some refreshment out of all the research paper and research material. And for me, i enjoy what i do. Sometimes, i do crochet. And sometime i play with bunga stokin and many more. And i strong reason is that, i am tooo lazy to cut all those colorful paper manually. Hurting my fingers! So, when my mood are soooo goooddd and soooo rajin, i'll do quilling. .(^_____^).

Seee... Penat kan? Fiu..fiu.. Memang kena ada mood rajin yang super duper tinggi untuk potong all those colorful paper. Kenapa tak beli je quilling paper? Sebab saya seorang yang kedekut! Hahaha.. RM10 for 100 pieces quilling paper? Oh.. jelaskan saya seorang yang kedekut? If i can save RM10 by cutting it manually even though it takes time, why not?.. Kihkihkih.. Ok.. research checklist what to do sangat banyak. Got to go!..


Ann@zanyra said...

kreatifnye..N pernah try tp xbape nk jadi, kene try lagi ni.hihihi

Rasp said...

memang u sungguh rajin memotong the papers.....salute!

i pun syiok buat quilling nie sis...

and buat pun for fun not for business....

fiqkbe said...

waa cantik nyer ko buat ni sara... utk quiling ni pn ko beli tools dia ke?

Cik Sara said...

Tak beli pun fiq.. Mahal sangat.. Hehehe... Either roll kertas tu guna jari jemari or guna lidi satay yg diubah sedikit dkt hujung yg tajam tu..

Cik Sara said...

Rajin yg kadang-kadang sis.. =D..
Bila tengok hasilnya, gumbira hati..

Cik Sara said...

Teruskan mencuba sis! Saya pun amatur lagi.. Eheh..

Anonymous said...

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