Penang Trick Art, Malaysia

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Hey September!
I'm In Love~

After a while, i guess i make a comeback with a little sharing experience on my short trip to Penang, one day before Malaysia Independence Day.

In my previous Entrie, i've shared on I-city Trick Art Museum.

Oh! Is it still RM5 for the entrance fee?
I'm not sure.

Ok, for this time, let's travel to the north peninsular. (^_^)
At first, we went to Penang to see or to meet the Bumbblebee at Padang Kota Lama. On our way to meet bumbblebee, we found another Trick Art Museum. After a moment, we decided to give a try. 


Penang Trick Art Museum.
One of new tourist attraction in Penang.

Entrance Fee:
Student/Child = RM10
Adult = RM15

So, guys! Do remember to bring your matrix card. And of course, your IC to enjoy the special fee.

This trick art museum located on two-storey building. You will enter from basement, next to the ticket counter and exit at the second level.

The best thing about this Trick Art Museum?
The staff. The moment you enter the museum, they will approach you and offer to take the photo for a group photo. 

Well, you know we can't used our tripod here and it quite difficult to ask other people to take photo for us on each art. However, at Penang Trick Art Museum, group photo are possible. 


The art. The tricks. They were totally different with the one at I-city Trick Art Museum.

If you go to Penang by Car, please park your car at the parking beside Fort Cornwallis. 
RM1 per hour.
Then, from parking lot, cross the road using the zebra crossing (Oh ya! Push the button on the traffic light)
Walk about 100m to the right and you'll see the trick art museum.

Ok. That's all. Bye  


GaRy™ said...

sure looks fun to me. spent 3 month in penang for my practical last year, but never been to this place. what a loss. hurm...

Athirah Zain said...

best kan pegi situ,,hehe