Crawling In the Dark

Friday, February 4, 2011

I will dedicated and sacrifice my everything
for just a second worth of how my story ending
I wish i could know if the directions that i take
And all the choices that i make won't
end up all for nothing

Show me what it's for
Make me understand it,
I've been crawling in the dark
Looking for the answer
is there something more
That what i've been handed?
I've been crawling in the dark
Looking for the answer

Help me carry on
assure me it's ok to use my heart and not my eyes
To navigate the darkness
will the ending be ever coming suddenly?
Will i ever get to see the ending to my story?

So when and how will i know?
How much further do i have to go?
How much longer until i finally know?
Cause i am looking and just can't see
what's in front of me
in front of me...


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