Is this what people say Heartbreaking?

Monday, May 21, 2012

English tunggang langgang memang nak pandang sebelah mata je..
Sebab kalau sesi luahan rasa, automatic bahasa mat saleh jadi lancar..
Jadi, jangan tanya kenapa tak berbahasa melayu..
Sebab tak tahu nak express rasa dan hati dalam bahasa melayu..

Hearing the facts, triggered my tears...
Is this what people say heartbreaking?
Me? i don't know..

One of the friends told me about it before...
And i'm speechless.
Few seconds, i realize there are tears coming out from my eyes..
I keep asking myself, why..
But then, i can't answer my own question...

I cheer up myself. Hope those only lie..
Just to make myself smile..
And for ALLAH sake,
the truth come to me..
And again..
I don't know why..
The tears keep coming out from my eyes..
I can't define my own heart!
Is this what people says heartbreaking?

I sleep...
with the tears...
And the memories keep moving like a video player..
And i realize...
I have to let go all the memories and promises..
That's the only way to cheer up myself..
Is this what people says heartbreaking?
Damn it! as i don't know what is it!

Whatever it is...
I just pray for the best. For me. for myself..
I'll pray for their happiness...
And i believe, in that way i'll be happy..
As i always believe...
Allah always be by my side..

He make the promises. And he break them..
It enough. Don't promise anything to me if you can't fulfill them..
Now, i really hate promises!
Is this what people say heartbreaking?
And again, i don't know!


Leysa JL said...

i hate promises too..selalu menyakitkan hati..
cill ya :)

Kaca Lensa said...

ak bce pon da heartbreak.. chill cik sara.. u will find a better, good and will make promise come true ok.. xdasapa ske psl mungkir janji ni an.. ^____^