How To go To Air Hitam?

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Hello everybody.. Today we will speak in English. Lets have this conversation 100% in Omputih Language.. Hehehe.. A Guest has just visit my blog and ask me about Road to Air Hitam in English. Unfortunately, he/she do not leave any url for me to visit his/her website. Therefore, i make up my mind to answer his/her Question in this entrie.

Ok. I know my English is quite broken.. Hahaha..Broken habis. But shut up no shut up, i've already in Final Year final sem in University.. Oooppss.. wrong topic. How to go to Air Hitam in English?

You can use google map for better direction. But as for me, the easy way to get to Air Hitam is highway. Lebuh Raya Utara Selatan. I don't know where is your current location. But if you took this highway and move to the south, which is Johor Bahru/ Singapore, you should take the exit SIMPANG RENGGAM. It's written on the signboard on the highway. From EXIT SIMPANG RENGGAM, please turn to the right until you meet T-junction. This T-Junction was a main road. Thus, turn to the left side and just drive straight along the road. This main road will bring you to Air Hitam. 

How do you want to know that you already in Air Hitam? 
From the road, you'll see a lot of teddy bear and shop on the right and left side. Don't exceed any + junction. In other word, don't exceed cross juction with traffic light.

Owh..i'm not good in giving direction in English, but i can say that it's quite easy to reach Air Hitam, Johor Bahru via that main road and highway. Do let me know if you can't understand my language. And do asking people around you too.


a n a s t a s y e a said...

air hitam .. tak pernah pergi lagi. air kopi pernah la .. minum tiap2 hari =) .. hehehe .. gurau je .. bolehkan!

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princeduyong said...

hehe...pandai gak cakap omputeh ye..

me_yana said...

ask he or she to have a navigator...ekekeke.. =p